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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Aligning Top Performers for Strategic Success

Enterprise Risk Management

Organizations typically have exceptional leaders carrying broad sets of accountabilities with direct impact on the future success of the company’s vision. The Enterprise Risk Assessment and management approach used by Sartor and Associates requires company leaders to think systematically about the broad range of executive leadership team-related risks they face so that they can institute appropriate actions that will improve the probability of future success and the achievement of corporate goals.

Performing a detailed analysis of key executive roles is an important component of prudent organizational planning which provides insight into the depth of intrinsic knowledge held by key executive resources as well as understanding the capabilities that make an individual effective in their executive role.  We amalgamate this analysis to produce an Enterprise Risk Assessment in order to facilitate the establishment of a proactive organizational plan which properly prepares for future transitions. These plans ensure that strategic goals can be achieved, and company direction maintained despite possible unforeseen executive changes.

Successful companies proactively plan to be prepared

Building a complete Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment will help your organization understand the risks associated with the departure of a specific key executive role in the context of the broader enterprise. Sartor and Associates uses "heat maps” to prioritize Enterprise Risks to help our clients decide which risk mitigation plans should take priority, and we also provide recommendations for risk mitigation strategies.