Sartor & Associates Inc.


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More Than Search

Our Search Methodology Highlights
  • We do not rely on an inventory of ‘human capital’; each search is considered unique and we thoroughly identify outstanding candidates with relevant experience, proven results, and most importantly, demonstrated compatibility within our client’s environment.
  • Our recruitment team interfaces directly with clients and candidates – we believe in bringing a personal, humanistic approach to the search process; Stakeholder Engagement and position description feedback is an important part of getting it right;
  • The Sartor and Associates team actually does the proposed work, it is never outsourced, and any inquiries are brought directly to the Managing Director.
  • As a boutique practice, we offer our clients efficiencies the larger search firms cannot – we provide cost-effective search solutions and deliver our projects on target, in less time than our competitors. Our recruitment team is agile, and able to respond in real-time to the needs of each search engagement.
  • More than search; our firm offers complete solutions around executive recruitment and talent management. Our expertise across human resources, leadership development, succession planning, and assessment best practices allow us to be better at our core business - recruitment. In today’s competitive market, you need a firm that is more than just search!