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Sartor & Associates is a specialized search and organizational development practice with diverse experience across the public, private and non-profit sectors. We deliver customized solutions for our clients designed to recruit, develop, and retain engaged talent focused on achieving organizational objectives and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Search: We offer our clients unparalleled access to diverse groups of superior talent across senior leadership and other critical roles in an increasingly competitive environment. Our expertise and knowledge ensure timely solutions to individual recruitment needs. Our range of expertise goes beyond any one particular type of position, industry, or functional skill-set. In effect, our success is better attributed to our methodology than to the types of clients or industries we serve.

Develop: We focus on leadership development and performance management in an effort to identify and grow talent within your organization. With the ever-growing talent gap between soon-to-retire senior executives and the future generation intended to fill vacant roles, succession planning is vital to developing internal talent. Developing future leaders and identifying high performing individuals within your organization will be crucial to its sustainable success.

Build: We work with our clients to build organizational capacity through strategic planning, customized leadership courses, and advanced leadership simulations. We develop robust assessment and development systems designed to ensure recruitment, development, and retention with increased intelligence. Our work is rooted in organizational psychology and leads to sustainable change and continuous growth throughout organizations.