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Leadership Skills Development

"Success in business is all about people, people, people.  
Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage”   
- Richard Branson

The majority of employees draw close parallels between their perception of their immediate supervisor’s effectiveness and their motivation to remain engaged in their work and, most importantly, their decision to stay with an organization. Employee engagement and workplace productivity are also highly correlated. 

Sartor and Associates offers a Leadership Skills Development program designed to promote high-leverage leadership skills that will enhance the abilities of both new and experienced leaders. We believe that leadership concept resonance and skills application is significantly enhanced when learning is contextualized within each participant’s daily work and when there are opportunities for application and reflection. 

Our program includes an in-depth individual leadership inventory and a personalized debrief meeting with one of our senior consultants to discuss each participant’s strengths and growth areas.  This highly interactive and engaging leadership series has been extremely well-received by participants at all levels within our client organizations.

Assessment tools are only useful if they produce actionable results. Our assessments provide the building blocks to produce a customized report which highlights the key behavioral characteristics of each of you senior managers, the perceived success in their role, and how they best work with their peers and their superiors. In understanding this, you can begin to align your human capital with the strategic direction of your organization, creating a senior management team with the potential to reach its maximum potential.