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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Aligning Top Performers for Strategic Success

Knowledge Mapping

Everyday, companies suffer indeterminable net losses of intellectual capital as a result of employee change, both internal and external. At Sartor and Associates, we facilitate a process known as Knowledge Mapping™. This customized process is designed to capture the tacit knowledge inherent in your most experienced and valued senior executives. This knowledge is central to their role within the organization but is not generally codified in a policy manual or widely-recognized as a best practice.   

Knowledge Maps™ provide value by validating the understanding of all aspects of their role, gathering critical knowledge before change happens, and preparing for the premature departure of these high-value employees. We help organizations assess these risks and to take the necessary steps to reduce the impact of change, leadership development, succession planning, change management, and talent retention.

In our Succession Planning program, we utilize Knowledge Maps™ to create detailed capability profiles of senior executives. The Knowledge Maps™ provide great insight into target capability levels that successor candidates will need to attain in order to be ready for next level positions.