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"The mission of the HR leader is evolving from that of "chief talent executive” to "chief employee experience officer.” HR is being asked to simplify its processes, help employees manage the flood of information at work, and build a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and innovation. 
This means that HR is redesigning almost everything it does—from recruiting to performance management to on-boarding to rewards systems.”

- Global Human Capital Trends: "The New Organization: Different by Design” – Deloitte 

Organizations are increasingly complex and fast-paced. Heightened expectations of individual employees and of teams to achieve greater results with fewer resources has never been so important to organizations looking to create an advantage over their competition. Consequently, developing employees and the systems in which they work is essential for ongoing success within organizations.

Sartor and Associates works with organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to deliver customized solutions to develop human capital, build the capacity of organizations, strengthen performance and productivity and to close gaps that inhibit sustainable change. Our consulting team has extensive industry experience and an in-depth understanding of the conditions that create meaningful change and lead to impactful organizations.

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